We believe motherhood is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life. More than this, we believe every single woman experiences being a mom in her very personal way and we all kick-ass while raising our children.

We don’t believe in perfect motherhood, but in strong women that struggle with pressures society impose about how a mom should be, feel or do. Rather than judging other women about their choices, we believe we can find strength on each other and build a global community in which all forms of motherhood are welcome.

Let’s gather together, share our experiences and make more women feel like a kick-ass mom! Let us raise our children in a community because after all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Lara Shin Schwarz
instagram: @betweencountries

Hi, my name is Lara, Lilly’s mom!
I was born in a multi-cultural family in Brazil and raised between there and California, where part of my family is based. In 2013 I moved to Switzerland to study at the University of Zurich, and I stayed. Got married, have a baby and got inspired about my, somehow, confusing situation.

Career on hold, raising a baby away from my home-country and family, coping with so many questions and feelings about motherhood, feminism and childhood.

Among books, talks, meetings and social-media I found the inspiration to create a global community of women going through the same phase, with their own perspective, to share their good-learning, thoughts and achievements. My goal is to support every woman by creating awareness on how being a mother is, in fact, on of the most feminist choices one may make.


Michelle Sara Kernen aka Minzipie
Instagram: @minzipie

Hey, I’m Michelle. Born 1988, raised in the Swiss countryside, more precisely in the deep Emmental. Step by step I moved further away. At the moment I’m privileged to live in Zurich, together with my dear husband and beloved son. Since living in Los Angeles (2015) we embrace a minimalistic lifestyle.
When not drinking coffee somewhere, you might find me strolling through the farmers market or running along the river or through the forest. Food and people are my passion! That’s why I started writing my blog in 2014. I wanted to share a bit of the things I love and hope you find some inspiration and encouragement!
Since May 2017 I’m a full time mommy to Lee David. I love it. To the fullest. But let me be honest with you: I’m no supermom, even though I was aspiring becoming one. but as a quote says:
“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections”.

Embrace your flaws babes!

Michelle & the boy


Danielle Milioni

Hi, my name is Danielle, a 29 years old Brazilian and JP’s mom who was born in March 2016. Since 2006 I live in São Paulo where I went to university, got my business degree and met my husband.

In 2015 I felt it was time to leave the corporate environment: I not only wanted more flexibility but I also needed to find a real purpose for my life. This search brought me to yoga, a philosophy that I truly admire, and at the same time I got pregnant with my baby.

By the end of my yoga instruction training, JP was born, and I knew it was time to put my career and work on hold and devote myself to maternity, which I consider by far the most intense and inflexible work I’ve ever done. However, I do also see it as the most gratifying and valuable one!

At the moment I’m a full-time mom and love to share experiences with other moms. Slowly, whilst supporting JP on discovering his newly started life, I get the chance to re-discover myself, now as a mom.

Love, Dani


Natália Persin

My name is Natália and I’m André’s mom.

I come from a small town in Brazil but have lived in São for a long time, as I wanted to have better opportunities and aspired working in the art field. I’m a professional pianist and was studying at the visual arts university when I got pregnant. I had to put my studies on hold and entered the publicity world, which I believed to be a more stable path, which would give me a better financial situation given I was not alone anymore.

Working and studying as a solo mom was not an easy task and thankfully I had the support of my parents to deal with such a challenging situation. I have often found myself battling an internal conflict, between being rational and emotional, managing my life as a woman and a mother in a highly judgmental society. It wasn’t an easy job to become a mom and, most of all, a strong and independent woman.

So many chapters filled with challenges, hard work and love have past by now but there are many still to come as my life book is still being written. Today, I see my son as a real partner and I’m sure we are on the right track to succeed in life. I believe every mother has a different experience with motherhood and I would have loved to hear from other mothers their own experiences and to have known that I was not alone in this journey. That’s one of the reasons I decided to be part of this project, to share with women not only the joyful moments, but also to support mothers through their challenges.

Hey, my name is Youmna. I was born and raised in Lebanon all my life. I have a degree in communication arts and have worked in the field for more than 5 years as a tv producer and a news anchor.
Then in 2009 , i met my husband and decided to start a new adventure with him in Angola, where i have been living since then with two kids as well aged 4 and 7.
What started as an exciting experience slowly shifted into a stressful one specially that i was not working. Thats when i decided i really need to go on with my life and join several groups of volunteers that help schools and shelters across the country.
I have recently came to this belief that to be successful in motherhood you need to be enjoying what you are doing inside and outside of the house, and that’s what we try to accomplish everyday!

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