10 questions for: Youmna Tayara

Name: Youmna Tayara
Age: 32
Nationality: Lebanese
Profession: journalist
Number of kids: two
1. Did you always imagine yourself as a mom?
I did always love kids and since a young age i worked with kids as a summer job in summer camps!2. Was your child planned or surprise?
Both of my kids were planned.3. Did you say you wouldn’t do something as mom, before having kids, and you ended up doing it?
I do not recall anything specific, but i always find myself saying things or doing things that my mom did and used to annoy me when i was little!

4. Your favourite thing about motherhood?
Seeing your kids personalities grow up and being shaped right in front of your eyes!

5. Any regret so far?

6. What was the biggest change in your life after kids?
Routine!!  When i moved to Angola , our first year was without kids, and our dailies were not planned . After kids each hour of the day is planned before hand, specially bedtime!!

7. A message for women that are expecting a baby:
Expect a drastic change in your life and prepare yourselves to embrace it before delivering, so you really enjoy those first few months.

8. A wish for your kids:
I wish they grow up into doing what they really love and want so they can actually live a happy life.

9. if you could tell the world something about motherhood?
It’s something absolutely beautiful but at the same time it needs patience patience patience!!

10. If you could do one thing right now it would be:
I would have another child, but only if he is given to me at 6 months!haha

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