10 Questions for Sybil Juzwiak

Name: Sybil Juzwiak Doyle
Age: Born in 1984 (So 33 years young currently)
Nationality: Citizen of the world (Brazilian/Swiss/Polish)
Profession: Mother, Co-Founder, Yogi
Number of kids: 1 (2 if I count our first born, our dog)

1. Did you always imagine yourself as a mom?
Yes I think so. I always imagined taking care of a little one and sharing special moments. I postponed it for quite some time though…

2. Was your child planned or surprise?
Definitely planned 🙂

3. Did you say you wouldn’t do something as mom, before having kids, and you ended up doing it?
Yep…”I will not get my child used to sleeping in the pram” or “I will not drive around at night to get my child to sleep” hmmm after 2-4 hrs of trying and its 9 or 10 at night and she is still fully awake. Anything that works is the moto really.

4. Your favourite thing about motherhood?
The joy of supporting the growth of this amazing little human being and leading her (or at least trying to lead) to being a better human being than any of us are.

5. Any regret so far?
Regret of being a mother? Never! Maybe I should have been a mother a little earlier in life, I may have had more patience and energy?

6. What was the biggest change in your life after kids?
Uff…is there ONE biggest change? My entire life changed!!! For better and worse in different aspects.

7. A message for women that are expecting a baby:
treasure the pregnancy and ensure you take plenty of time to be alone, have a coffee, sit down and read book, go for a swim in the ocean or a walk in nature…alone! (well you are not really alone anymore, you have a little one in utero). Having a baby is an amazing miracle that us women are lucky to experience…it is essential to remind yourself of this every day.

8. A wish for your kids:
that you can grow up being who you want to be, independent to what the world tells you, you should be…You are You…and you are unique and amazing the way you are.

9. if you could tell the world something about motherhood:
Motherhood changes a woman’s life forever (and a couples life!) and it can be an amazingly positive experience if and when mothers are supported by a community. Motherhood can be lonely and should be a community effort. The world should encourage meal trains, community gatherings, playdates etc to support young mothers and families.

10. If you could do one thing right now it would be:
sleep a full night (ohhh wouldn’t that be nice!!!)

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