Copenhagen: no bad days in a good hotel

In 2015 I got married in a little bit of a rush in early October and although the weather that day was fairly good for Zurich standards one can only count on luck to have sunshine in Europe at this time of the year.

So, last year we decided to take a long weekend off to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and discover a city that was already on my bucket list for a while: Copenhagen.

Yes, it is an amazing city and yes, it rained so incredibly much all weekend long.

The interesting thing about this is once you are there among all the locals that seemed not to be bothered at all with all the rain and cold you kind of feel you can (and should) do it too. Seriously, they would just ride their bicycles calmly down to charming streets, arrive at a cafe, take their waterproof jackets and pants off and enter the places as flawless, well dressed and happy people that haven’t been out in such a wet day.

The other fact is that we’re there with our then one year and a half baby girl and as much as we wanted to be cool it isn’t easy neither fun for her to be stuck on her stroller all covered whilst we walk around.

So our very first choice before even arriving in Copenhagen was the total game changer for this trip: the hotel. I, honestly, was never the kind of hotel person. Of course staying in a cool place with good service is great, but I just started really paying attention to this after becoming a mom and needing to stay more in the room that I ever would.

So I took more time to research a good place and although above our intended budget we chose the Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden. A little bit outside from the city center (just 10 minutes walk) the hotel is what we can call as urban oasis.

It was love at first sigh when I opened their website and found out not only great design but also an amazing concept behind: a sustainable organic hotel. As if this was not enough, the hotel had such an amazing architecture that, trust me, the pictures are not able to capture. One needs to be there to really enjoy it.

The hotel is a huge building with many open floors, a acclimatized swimming pool write in the middle of the ground floor and many plants: everything that makes you forget about the awful weather outside.

The rooms, actually apartments, are also amazing, specially for families: a “kitchen”, a restroom, a bathroom, living room and a sleeping room. It was the perfect size for what we needed that weekend. The modern design and comfortable furniture are also to be mentioned, as well as how everything seemed to be thought throw: Eco-friendly amenities, yoga mat, reusable bottles. Everything flawless.

Least and still very important, the staff was amazing! I know I sound over excited about the hotel, but compliments must be made. We had a lot of contact with the people working in the restaurant and they were always extremely attentive, making sure we’re comfortable, being kind and patient with Lilly dropping things and moving around. I know one may argue that’s nothing more than their job but it’s very easy to get when someone is just doing because it has to or because they want to, and they were just amazingly nice.

Talking about the restaurant, food was delicious, organic and made with care. Breakfast is my favorite meal of all and although I wanted to go to other places we ended up eating there both mornings, not only because it was really a complete buffet, but also due to the practicality of just going to the rooftop to eat enjoying the great rainy view from the city.

One important thing to mention about the hotel that it might not be a plus for families like us is that there’s no room service from the restaurant, and if you have a toddler you know what I mean when I say that dining out is not the best option (obviously, going to the restaurant upstairs wasn’t any problem tho).

We honestly didn’t have the chance or the energy to enjoy it, but the hotel has the spa area and gym that looked pretty amazing. Perhaps next time we will go there for a longer period already focused on using all the common areas!

To sum it up, our experience at the Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden was the best possible and it made our trip to Copenhagen the best possible in such a weather.

Lara S.


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