10 questions for Lara Shin

Name: Lara Shin Schwarz
Age: 29
Nationality: Brazilian, living in Switzerland
Profession: Designer, marketer, creative director, mom
Number of kids: 1

photo: maja juzwiak

1. Did you always imagine yourself as a mom?
I was not the kind of girl that imagined kids, husband, wedding. I knew that this was going to happen, it was on my life plan, but never fantasised.

2. Was your child planned or surprise?
Surprise! I had just gotten engaged and was struggling with the idea of being in Switzerland forever and tadaah! Found out I was newly pregnant and it was basically the answer I was searching for, I needed to stay.

personal memories 2015

3. Did you say you wouldn’t do something as mom, before having kids, and you ended up doing it?
Many things! It’s a cliche saying this, but we indeed have no idea what it is to be a mom until you become one. I would swear I wouldn’t stop working too long because of it and as soon as Lilly was born I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to work in a couple of months, I see myself completely attached to someone as I never imagined before. I also said I wouldn’t ler her watch TV before 5 years old and.. haha, big joke! Mamma needs some time during the day to do stuff without her clinging on my legs!

4. Your favourite thing about motherhood?
Learning to live in the present. We talk so much about meditation, living the moment, minfulness and I realize I can do this when I’m with Lilly. It is as if the whole world stopped outside and I can only see her, see her development, listen to her voice and this has a powerful capacity to calm me down and remind me of who I want to be as human being.

photo: maja juzwiak

5. Any regret so far?

Not slowing down. During the pregnancy things were pretty loose for me work wise, which was good but made me very anxious. So I just pushed my limits, specially physically and I got overly tired trying to prove I was able to do everything as if nothing had changed. I regret this. As women we shouldn’t be afraid of losing our jobs or anything just because we get pregnant. So, if I could do anything different I would have just chilled more and respected my boundaries.

6. What was the biggest change in your life after kids?

The value of my life gain a completely different meaning. I stopped seeing myself as just another person but became Lilly’s mom and with this a big duty of being healthy to take care of her, being calm to be able to protect her, being happy to be able to give her what she deserves as a mom. It’s an intense feeling of power and at the same time fragility. So I started paying more attention on my actions, health, thoughts, really trying to become a better person.

7. A message for women that are expecting a baby:
You are producing a human being! You will make food for this person! You will teach this person for life! You are so awesome and you should never undervalue all of this because of anything else. There’s nothing more important that raising your child and being happy with this.

Mallorca 2015

8. A wish for your kid:

I wish her a peaceful life, full of health in which she can find herself, fall in love for life, and be strong enough when hard times come, because they always do. So I wish she knows who she is and her value to overcome challenges with strength.

9. if you could tell the world something about motherhood:
Respect it. I as many of you didn’t truly before becoming a mom. From outside we have no idea the challenges a mom needs to go through to be respected inside home, in her career, with friends. So take care of moms because a child shouldn’t be taken care only by a mom, or a dad, but an entire community, society, as we are raising citizens, your future neighbour, governor, doctor.

10. If you could do one thing right now it would be:
Teleport to Brazil with Lilly to be with my mom and my dad.

march 21st, 2016

Pictures: Maja Juzwiak and personal collection

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