Yoga with baby in New York City

Last November I had the chance to spend a week alone with Lilly (my then 19 months old baby) in New York City. Before going many were the people asking me if I wasn’t afraid of doing it. Afraid of taking care of her all by myself for a whole week, of feeling lonely, of the city itself.

Among all concerns people brought me there was only one that truly caught me: will I be able not to lose my patience when not having any me-time during 7 days in a row? I can tell you already, it obviously didn’t happen! Although I was in a very easy holidays mood, having a toddler 24/7 (literally) isn’t easy. Good news is that this only proofs that I’m a normal human and even better: I acknowledged I was losing my patience and did my best to calm down. Children may be hard to deal with, but I have the feeling we often ask a lot from them. They need to adept to our adult plans, behave well, eat properly, sit for long periods – it can and probably is very boring.

Baring this in mind, scheduling some activities during this week in NYC that would please both of us together was one of my priorities and that’s when I got to know Love Child. Founded my Neelu, a passionate doula and yoga teacher specialized fertility, prenatal and postnatal, the charming house located at West Village is an oasis for active moms striving for balance.

The first thing that I loved is the fact that babies are welcome. Of course having some me-time is important, but having the option of bringing your baby along is as important. Not all moms (or dads) have the chance or want to be alone to exercise, meet other people and be active and I’m a strong believer many other businesses should give more attention to this!
It is possible to purchase different kinds of membership according to your need (prenatal, postnatal and for kids) and also the intro special (You get 2x yoga session in a week for U$50) that worked pretty fine for visiting moms like me.

Cozy, welcoming, child-friendly and unpretentious. It felt good to meet local parents and their kids and re-energize after a couple of days of intense sightseeing (grateful here!) and work (mom work is still lots of work, right?).

The session was conduced by Neelu herself, who showed to be very close to the parents and children and it was simply easy! It’s great to be in a place where your child can be her/himself without having the pressure of behaving quietly. While parents were exercising and balancing their mind and body, babies from different ages were doing their thing: observing, moving, jumping, practicing yoga and yes, crying from time to time, why not?

The chance to take a break from the crowded city and busy life was essential to bring me back to my main focus at this stage of my life: being a mom. Although I wanted to the truth is that I never actually putted an effort on making more activities together with my baby. Our schedule is either focused on her or having her with my while doing my things, but rarely something that both of us can enjoy fully.

Funny enough I came back to Switzerland with the goal of making my daily life a little bit more New Yorker: easy yoga mornings with amazing people followed by a nice cup of coffee and waffles!

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